Ghaziabad: 18-year-old daughter killed her mother over gay relationship

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In Ghaziabad of UP 18-year old daughter killed her mother as she was opposing her gay relationship with a 35-year old teacher.
The mother died due to excessive bleeding 2 days after she was attacked by her own daughter.
According to the father, the woman had been in a relationship with a teacher in her school since over three months, and they planned to run away together.
The father said that the daughter attacked her mother “with sticks and rods” when they were alone at home in the Kavi Nagar area on March 9. She then fled.
When the younger daughter arrived from school, she saw her mother bleeding heavily and called police.
She was taken to the hospital where doctors transferred her to Delhi but she died there.
The family members told the media that two months ago, the 18-year-old had tried to run away with the teacher, but they managed to bring her back.

They even discontinued her studies in Class 11 to keep her away from the 35-year-old teacher, he said.
The police has registered FIR. Both womand and her lover are absconding.

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