2019 may be destructive, predicting astrologers


Religion Desk : New Year is coming and everybody is wishing a good start of the year 2019. However, if believe the astrologers that the first month of 2019 will not be auspicious for humanity. The beginning of the year can bring tragedies.

According to astrology, the beginning of the New Year 2019 may be full of natural calamities. There is a possibility of a major earthquake in the Northern Hemisphere globally. Volcanoes may become active. Cyclones rising from the sea can be horrific. Overall, the new year’s debut can be from the challenges of casualty disasters.

Astrologers says that the solar system’s planets and other changes have a deep impact on the earth. During normal days, tidal buds are created in the sea during the full moon and the new moon. Rahu-Ketu is currently being transmitted in Cancer and Capricorn. The highest population density in the world is in the Tropic of Cancer.

It also includes the most populous countries of Asia, India and China. In the Tropic of Cancer, from the Pakistan border to the North Frontier country of Africa, the Southern Frontier region of Europe and the Treaty areas of North-South America. These landscapes have the highest fear of these natural phenomena.

Partial Solar Eclipse will take place on January 5-6,

According to the astrologers, there will be partial solar eclipse on the 5th and the 6th of January. Although it will not be valid in India. Its visible area will be the western parts of East Asia China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, North-Eastern Russia, Intermediate Mongolia, Pacific Ocean and Alaska. The effect is due to intense cold, cyclone, geological movement, impact on glaciers and volcanoes become active. In the meantime, try to avoid traveling to these areas.

On the 21st of January 2019, the lunar eclipse can bring natural disasters-

According to astrologers, on 21st January, the lunar eclipse will take place in cancer zodiac and Pushya Nakshatra. It will not be visible in India like solar eclipse. It will be visible in entire Africa, South-North America and the Indian Ocean. In addition to visible areas, it can be seen deeper in the tropic of cancer,​northern hemisphere, including the entire Asia region.

These areas also have large seismic apprehensions areas. These mainly include the treaty areas of India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Africa-Europe, Northern and Southern countries of America and American continents.