22 Children Branded With Hot Iron In Nabarangpur


Nabarangpur: The superstitious practice of children being branded with hot iron by traditional healers has reared its ugly head in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district with as many as 22 children being branded yesterday in two remote villages of the district.

22 children were branded with hot irons in Bheemasahi and Khadarasahi villages under Papadahandi block of the district as part of a superstitious practice largely prevalent across tribal-inhabited villages of the district.

Call it superstition or orthodox practice, this crude form of treatment is inflicted on babies to cure them of sickness or common ailments in several areas of Nabarangpur where the state-run health service network has abysmally failed to deliver the goods.

These cases are coming to light despite awareness programmes by government agencies. There are instances of traditional healers or black magicians being arrested for perpetrating the practice, she said.

The health department has been undertaking awareness drive from time to time. Still there is no letup in branding cases.


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