6 demands for which doctors protesting nationwide

New Delhi: The effect of the strike of doctors in West Bengal appearing in many parts of the country including the national capital Delhi. Because of the doctors’ strike, the patients are suffering, yet there is no such way that could get rid of the doctors’ strike. After all, there are 6 demands of striking doctors of Bengal on which they are getting support of the doctors nationwide.

1- CM Mamta Banerjee should come to meet the injured and protesting doctors

After beating a junior doctor in Kolkata’s Nil Ratna Government College (NRS) Medical College, the effect of the strike is also seen in government hospitals. Doctors have put the condition before the government in order to end the strike and return to work on the job that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came to meet the injured doctor and the doctors protesting.

2 – Asked Mamata to apologizes

Mamta Banerjee, after visit of Calcutta’s NRS Hospital, gave ultimatum to doctors to end the strike within four hours. This attitude of Chief Minister Mamata set fire in the anger of doctors. After this, the doctors started demonstrating on the streets and said that Mamata Banerjee should apologized.

3 – Deploying armed security in hospitals

There are doctors on strike in many medical colleges and hospitals from north to south India. They demand that the armed security in the hospitals to be deployed and the law will be made to protect the doctors. The government should pass such a law, in which assault on doctors will be treated as a non-bailable offense.

4 – Show the investigating documents

Doctors have demanded to show the documents related to government action taken against those who beat the junior doctor in Kolkata. Doctors are also demanding that documents of investigation done against the negligence of the police in this case.

5- Provision of necessary facilities in hospitals

Doctors say that Mamata Banerjee is the Chief Minister of the state, she has responsibility of the people of West Bengal. Therefore, CM should provide the facilities in hospitals.

6 – lawsuits against doctors should be dismissed

Doctors have demanded that case against protesting doctors should be withdrawn.