Aadhaar linking is not mandatory right now, deadlines increased for indefinitely 

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New Delhi: There is news of relief for people worried about privacy and the people concerned for linking base. The Supreme Court Tuesday extended the last date of linking government services to the base for uncertainty. This date was 31 March 2018 first.

While hearing the case, the court said that linking is not compulsory until the decision of the Constitution Bench on the validity of the Aadhaar scheme is decided. That is, there is no need to link the basis till the Supreme Court’s constitution does not decide on the matter related to linking the bench.

The last date for linking all schemes and facilities such as mobile number, share stock, credit card, LPG connection, insurance, public provident fund, national savings certificate and farmer development letter, mutual fund along with PAN card and bank account it was told March 31 but now it has increased it.

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