Akshay to earn 90 crore for his digital debut on Amazon


Mumbai : Amazon Prime has proudly superstar in their midst. Akshay Kumar has agreed to be the first Bollywood A-lister to hop on to the digital bandwagon. Apparently, his son Aarav had a big hand in Akshay’s decision. Aarav persuaded his dad to go digital.

The cheque also helped. Apparently, Akshay is being paid a staggering amount of over Rs 90 crore rupees to feature in the web series. Though no one from the production team is willing to confirm that figure, a source close to the project admitted on condition of anonymity that Akshay’s fee was “in the vicinity of over Rs 90 crore rupees, if not more.”

“To begin with, Akshay was not keen to do a digital series. Amazon pursued him relentlessly. They hope to get in more Bollywood superstars,” says the source.

It seems like Salman Khan is also on the verge of signing up with Amazon.