Azad threatens bloody conflict if JDS-Congress unable to form government

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Bangalore: With the temperature rising on May 16, the political mercury of Karnataka is also beginning to climb. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad in Bengaluru has said that the BJP is threatening Congress’s MLAs. BJP pressurizing them, they does not believe in democracy.

Azad said that if the governor did not follow the constitutional values ​​and invited us to form the government, there would be bloody conflicts here. He said that Rumors are being spread about the dissidents of the Congress’s legislators, but in fact the BJP is dissatisfied.

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Amaregowda has said that BJP offered him the post of Cabinet Minister, but he turned down. Amaregowda Linganagowda Patil is a MLA from Karnataka’s Kushtagi.

Azad said that emerging BJP as the largest party in the state did not have a majority figure. BJP has 104 seats, we (Congress-JDS) have 117 seats. The governor cannot be biased.

Raising the question, he said, will a person who is sitting in the Raj Bhavan to save the Constitution destroy it? A governor has to end all his old relations, whether it is a BJP or a RSS.

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