Barbed Wire Barricade In Forest Obstruct Animals’ Movement, May Lead To Increase In Man-Animal Conflict   

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Bhubaneswar: Wildlife activists have expressed concern over the barbed wire fencing being put in place in forest areas which according to them are emerging as a major stumbling block for wildlife mainly elephants.

The fencing that is being installed by forest department to protect its plantation project is hindering the free movement of wild animals. The forest department needs to do away with the barbed fencing to ensure the safety itinerant w wildlife, according to conservationists.

 To protect the plantations sites, artificial barricades like barbed wire fence and in some cases even stone rubble walls are being proposed which are a major impediment to free movement of wild animals including elephants, said Secretary Wildlife Society, Biswajit Mohanty.

The barbed wire fence is a threat to wild animals as there is every possibility of them getting stuck or seriously injured if they run into them while being chased by predators or hunters. There is also a possibility of poachers connecting live electric power to barbed wire fencings to hunt herbivores, he said.

We had drawn your kind attention to two such fences in Dhama range of Sambalpur Division. These barbed wire fencings had continued to exist many years after the plants had attained adequate height to preclude chance of being grazed by cattle or goats, he said.

Construction of barbed wire fence or rubble wall is now under construction in Dhenkanal forest division.

A Rubble wall of over several kms is proposed around a 100 hectares of plantation site near Pangatira village, Mahabirod range, Dhenkanal. The area is an ideal elephant habitat and such a long and high stone wall shall block elephant movement leading to increase in man-elephant conflict.

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