Bargarh Decked Up For Dhanu Yatra

Bargarh : Bargarh Township in western Odisha is gearing up for famous 11-day cultural festival ‘Dhanu Yatra’, widely regarded as as world’s largest open-air theatre.

Festive spirit has gripped the district headquarters township with yatra the commencement of the yatra on Friday.

The township has begun wearing the look of puranic city of Mathura. The festival will showcase the solemnization of marriage of Vasudev and Devaki, the birth of Lord Krishna besides death of King Kansa.

The festival will revolve round the Puranic concept of Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’. The reign and might of demon king Kansa will be on display as the king will go round the town. The fun and frolic of young Lord Krishna (Balya Leela) will also be a major attraction of the 11-day cultural festival.

The festival, that lays credence to the age-old doctrine of victory of good over evil, dates back to 19th century, according to researchers.