Beware : Bursting firecrackers beyond deadline, you could be arrested

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Mumbai: With the commencement of the festival of lights, Diwali, Mumbai Police are all set to keep an eye on people celebrating it with fireworks and ensuring nobody violates the law. Police teams have been deployed across the city and patrolling will be done from 7 pm to midnight during the festival.

Mumbai Police began acting on the sale of firecrackers in residential areas, following the Supreme Court order restricting their sale. Following the SC order, the state government also issued a circular with guidelines for selling and bursting crackers in the city and state.

The circular directs the police to take immediate action against those found violating the regulations. However, violations of the SC order were observed in the city on Tuesday, as firecrackers were burst in the morning. A Mumbai police spokesperson said, “Police will be constantly patrolling the areas in their jurisdiction to avert the violations of the rule.

Apart from directly nabbing people who are caught setting off firecrackers in public places, police will also monitor CCTV footage in housing complexes and other places to catch offenders.” A senior police officer said, requesting confidentiality, “Police will focus on instilling fear among people to prevent them from committing street crimes, taking advantage of the festivities, as well as to make sure that people follow government guidelines about bursting crackers.”

While no arrests were made till Tuesday evening, police are still on the lookout to avert any untoward incidents. If anyone is caught bursting firecrackers beyond the time-frame allowed, police will arrest the person immediately and remand them in police custody for eight days. The person will also be fined.

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