Big decision in Bangladesh, reservation ended in government jobs

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Dhaka: Taking a big step the Bangladesh government decided to end the reservation in jobs. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced this on Wednesday Explain that a large number of students in Bangladesh are protesting against this reservation in the country. A crowd of students in Dhaka had jammed several major roads on Wednesday, due to which the country’s capital was jammed badly. Recently, there was a clash between security forces and students in Dhaka University.

Meanwhile, security forces tried to disperse protesters with tear gas shells and rubber bullets, in which about 100 students are reported to be injured.

Due to heavy protest of students, Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh announced a decision on Wednesday to end the reservation in jobs while making historic decisions. In his statement, Sheikh Hasina said in parliament that because students do not want, the quota system is being abolished. Sheikh Hasina said that the students have now protested very much and they are now allowed to return home. It is noteworthy that educational institutions were badly affected in Bangladesh because of the ongoing longevity. While the classes were not able to run in colleges, examinations in many universities had to be postponed. However, Sheikh Hasina also said in her speech that her government can make certain provisions in the jobs for people of physically challenged and backward classes. Explain that students were protesting against the reservation given to the backward classes, the descendants of freedom fighters, and women in government jobs. Protests against this began in the whole country on Sunday.

It is notable that during the show, some students had broken into the Vice Chancellor’s house in Dhaka University. In his statement, Sheikh Hasina said that those who broke the vice chancellor’s house are not worthy to be called students and strict action will be taken against them. The situation of protest demonstrations in Bangladesh was that many government websites had been hacked by demonstrating students and had placed banners to eliminate reservation on their homepage.

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