Chanakya Niti: How To Prepare Yourself For Bad Times

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Chanakya was a great philosopher, besides being one of the greatest political and economic advisers. Under the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, he took the country to great heights and the era was hence known as the Golden Era. From his philosophy, we have brought to you a list of the quotes which can help one in bad times. He believed that one should be prepared for every situation in life. Here is what he has to say about how to prepare yourself for bad times. Take a look.

Combat Fear

Fear is what makes us weak and lets the situation dominate. A confident person would be able to conquer the situation better than a man who is afraid. The one who fears more will never be able to save himself from approaching dangers. In order to fight off a situation, one should fight the fear first. Hence he says – As fear approaches you, attack it like a warrior and kill it off.

Live In The Present

When it is failure that is the reason why your times are bad, you should remember certain very important things. When people have to go through bad times, the pain takes over their heart making them feel despaired. One should try their best to overcome the situation and not think about the past or the future. Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. Hence, when the time is not in favour, one should practice patience and let the situation pass if he cannot do anything about it. As Chanakya says – Regret Not Your Past, Worry Not About Your Future, Rather Live Your Present

Happiness Wins

When it is your enemies who might become the reason for your bad times, for instance when you are about to fight a battle, you should try to attack their morale. Since it is confidence that gives a man the required strength, killing the confidence would work towards weakening the enemy. Your constant happiness is what would be the biggest punishment for those who cannot see you happy. As said by Chanakya – Your Happiness Is The Biggest Punishment For Your Enemies

Portray Yourself As Strong

Again, focusing on the confidence of the enemy, it is his strength that determines the chances of his victory. More so because it affects the opponent’s confidence negatively. Everybody fears when the opponent is stronger. Most people with malicious intentions stay away from those who appear stronger than them. They attack the weaker first. Therefore, you should always portray yourself as a strong person. Hence, Chanakya says – A snake should show that he is vicious, even if he is not so.

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