Check the partner’s credit score before marriage, will not be hassle


Whenever you think of getting married, the first thing in your mind is to think that your partner will be perfect. To learn about Partner, you look at the level. Before decide about life partner, the young women consider things like their profession, personality, family background

At the same time, men prefer to see their life partner active, beautiful and culturally, but most people do not try to see their partner’s financial discipline before marriage. While overseas marriages breaks down on credit based poor CIBIL score.

Financial discipline means that your credit score is correct and if you apply for any type of loan it will not be an obstacle. For example, if you are married to a partner who is the defaulter of a credit card or personal loan, and you want to take a joint home loan with him for a new home then very difficult situations can arise. That is, due to the partner’s credit score, your own home dream can be incomplete.

In such a situation, it is necessary to know that before deciding marriage, learn to spend each other’s expenses and manage debt. As a couple you should check your credit history on a regular basis. This will help you to know where you are standing on the finance front and you will be able to help with planning for the future together.

As a couple you ask each other few questions. For example, are you both financially stable? Besides, are you paying debt on time or you have a debt burden? Is your credit card more outstanding? Combining the answers to these questions will make the road easier and you will be able to get a bank loan.

What is Credit Score :

Cibil score is determined on the basis of your Credit Information Report (CIR). This report contains complete information on loans and credit cards taken from you so far. How do you use the loan’s EMI and credit card and pay your bills? Your credit score is generated on that basis. How much is your credit score. You can easily find this in a few seconds. In this you can get the help of different websites including State Bank of India. For this, you have to know the important details, including personal details.