Christmas 2018: What is Boxing Day, how did it start?

New Delhi: Christmas is the biggest festival of Christianity. Jesus Christ was born on this day. The very next day, ie December 26, is the tradition of celebrating Boxing Day.However, the practice of celebrating it is in some countries like UK, Canada,Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In the UK there is a national holiday on this day. Let’s know what is Boxing Day and when and how did it start?

Boxing Day

In Christianity the next day of Christmas, rich people leave their servants to go to home and meet their family. In addition, they all give their servants a box full of money and food items, so that they can celebrate Christmas celebration with their families.

It is also said that in the Victorian era, a box was placed in the church the next day of Christmas, in which the villagers used to put money. Later, the accumulated amount was distributed to the poor. In the current era, a box is kept in the some Churches on the day of Boxing Day and the accumulated amount and the other things are distributed among the poor.

When and how did the beginning of Boxing Day?

According to some historians, Boxing Day started in the UK about 800 years ago. It is also believed that the Boxing Day was started by the Roman people. But they used to deposit money for sports betting during the Winter Celebration.

How Boxing Day celebrated

Because of work in Christmas, many people away from their homes, they spend time with their family and friends on Boxing Day. Until the Second World War, people with poor families used to go from place to place and take their Christmas box and yearly bonuses. But now these customs have ended in most places. 

At present, various sports activities are organized in the United Kingdom on Boxing Day, mainly involving horse race and football. Cricket matches of cricket are also organized in some countries.