CWC 2019: Before ‘Jung’, Imran tensed, told Sarfaraz – How to win over india.

Imran Khan, who was captain of the 1992 World Cup winning team, made several tweets before the match. He has advised Pakistan cricket team in his tweets

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan witnessed to be tensed before the ICC World Cup match against India in Manchester in 2019 on Sunday. He has advised his captain Sarfraz Ahmed. Imran Khan has told Sarfaraz what he decides to do if he wins the toss. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has advised Sarfaraz and said that till the pitch is not humid, we should bat by winning the toss.

Imran Khan, who was captain of the 1992 World Cup winning team, made several tweets before the match. He also advised the Pakistan Cricket team in their tweets. Imran Khan said that considering the present match, both teams will be under very mental pressure. In this way how you control your mind will be the point of view and it will decide the outcome of the match. We are lucky that we have a bold captain in the form of Sarfaraz. Today they have to do their best.

He told the Pakistani players that they should remove all fears from their mind and not be in negative position. He advised the team and said that all the fears of losing should be removed from the brain because the brain can process the same idea at one time. Fear of losing leads to a negative and defensive strategy and does not pay attention to important mistakes of opponents.

Imran Khan said that to create an aggressive strategy, Sarfraz will have to go with specialist batsmen and bowlers. India may be favored in this match, but remove the fear of losing with the brain. Just give your best and fight till the last ball. After this, accept it as a true player. GOD  is with you all.

imran told how much brain parts in success

Imran said, “When I started a cricket career, it was believed that the contribution of 70% talent and 30% of the mind in the success is essential. When I quit playing cricket, I felt that the ratio should be 50-50, but now I agree with my friend Sunil Gavaskar that 60% mental strength and 40% talent is behind the success of someone. The brain’s role in today’s success will be more than 60%.