Deep Depression Moving Towards Odisha-Andhra Coast: IMD…

Bhubaneswar: The depression over the Bay of Bengal intensified on Tuesday and moved towards Odisha-Andhra Pradesh coast before taking the shape of a cyclonic storm, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

The fear of a cyclonic storm thickened as the deep depression remained practically stationary and lay centered at about 560-km southeast of Gopalpur in Odisha and 510-km southeast of Kalingapatanam in Andhra Pradesh, it said.

“It is very likely to move west-northwards for some time and then north-westwards and cross Odisha and adjoining north Andhra Pradesh coast between Gopalpur and Kalingapatanam around morning of October 11,” said Director of the Meteorological Centre in Bhubaneswar, H R Biswas.