Delhi: Six years old girl raped in School….

New Delhi:Another crime case in Delhi. Police efforts to prevent crime against women in the country’s capital Delhi are proving to be inadequate. Now a six-year-old girl in Delhi has been a victim of poverty.

This incident of misbehavior with the girl was carried out in the school premises.The whole case was opened when the child in the house saw the parents uncomfortable and inquired.

This incident of poverty is a girls’ school near the round market. After the complaint, the police has arrested the accused. The accused of rape is the electrician of the school.

According to police sources, a 6-year-old girl is studying in a girls’ school in a second grade school in Delhi’s Temple Road.

Allegations that after the school was discharged on Wednesday, the accused Electrissian Ram Ashera went to the Pump House of the school premises, who was seduced by the miscreants, where he worked wrongly with him.

It is being told that on Wednesday night, suddenly the health of the child was spoiled. When the child was in trouble, the parents were soaked with blood. When the parents asked the girl, she told the whole incident.

The victim said that the accused in the school took her and did dirty work. According to the girl, the accused had wear a red shirt. The police spoke to the school management on Thursday and then arrested the accused on the basis of the girl’s statements.

At the same time, sources said that the girl was waiting for her sister because her sister’s class was delayed for half an hour. Meanwhile, Ram Aasre took the opportunity to face the incident of childhood with the child. It is being told that Ram Rathore is a regular employee of NDMC and posted post of Electrician. That is why he could easily go to school.

On the other hand, the NDMC chairman suspended the head master and the junior engineer in the case of rape. Apart from this, the role of teacher and assistant engineer is also being seen. If missed, both of them will also be suspended.

Earlier, a case of rape was reported from a three-and-a-half-year-old nursery student at DPS School in Gama-II, Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi. The accused, posted on the school’s swimming pool, posted on the post of life guard, had made fun of the girl.

On confirmation of the crime in the Madico Legal investigation, the families lodged an FIR against the accused. Life guard Chandi Das, West Bengal resident has been arrested after identifying the accused on behalf of the girl.