Dubai based hotel terminate Indian chef’s job on anti-Islam tweet

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New Delhi: Celebrity chef Atul Kochhar, who worked at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai, has been fired from his job due to a tweet.

Kochhar re-tweeted against terrorist image of Indians shown in Priyanka Chopra’s show ‘Quantico’. Priyanka had apologized by tweeting after Hindus protested against an episode of Quantico. After this Kochhar remarked, “It is very sad to see that you did not respect the feelings of Hindus who have been a victim of Islam terrorism since the last 2000 years. You are ashamed.”

Let you know that Atul Kochhar is the star chef at the Rang Mahal restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel in Dubai. He wrote after his re-tweet, “There is no justification for my tweets. There is a mistake in this. I completely realized my mistake that Islam came about 1400 years ago. I apologize for this mistake.”

Later Atul Kochhar deleted these two tweets and apologized, “I apologize for the recent tweets of my Muslim friends and community.”

After the incident, the hotel’s General Manager Bill Kepher said, “After the tweets made by Chef Atul Kochhar, we have canceled their agreement. They will not work with us anymore.”

Let me tell you that in an episode of ‘Quantico’, the hand of Indian nationalists is shown behind a terrorist attack in America. In this episode of the show, the attacker’s religious identity has been done as a Hindu which was strongly opposed by many Hindu organizations.

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