Everybody Turn Poll Pundits  Ahead Of The Exit Poll Results

Bhubaneswar : As the bitterly-fought elections draw to a close, all eyes remain hooked to the exit polls, to be announced on Sunday evening after conclusion of the seventh and last phase of voting. The fate of all political parties in the fray will be decided on May 23 with the counting votes in the EVMs.

Everybody seems to have turned into self-styled psephologists and political pundits in the run-up to the announcement of poll results. Everywhere- discussion on possible poll outcome has taken the centre-stage. The permutation, combination and complex arithmetic of battle of ballot stay on the top of agenda in every conceivable street corners across the State.

We will remain glued to the TV sets as exit poll results will be announced today evening. Though exit polls have often proved to be unreliable, we will not give it a miss. There are also instances of exit poll survey predicting the verdict of election correctly, said a voter from Bhubaneswar, Rajendra Mohanty.