Father’s Day 2019: Google celebrates fatherhood with adorable doodle of animated duck family

Father's Day 2019: Highlighting their importance on world's father's day, Google has honoured the dads with an adorable animated doodle on Sunday.

Father’s Day 2019: Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in the society. The third Sunday of June every year is dedicated to the dads in the world marking it as a special day for them. The day is celebrated in the United States and several other countries including India.

Highlighting their importance on world’s father’s day, Google has honoured the dads with an adorable animated doodle on Sunday. The doodle features three animated slides, illustrating the filial love that they shower upon their children in an endearing doodle.

In the three slides, the search engine showed a grey coloured father duck that looks after and plays with his six ducklings, two blue, two red, one yellow and one green colour.
In the first slide, the ducklings could be seen climbing upon the father and enjoying along with him. Here the papa duck looked haplessly with his kids creating ruckus, while one of his babies even jumped on his head.
The next slide showed daddy playing hide and seek with his babies and the following slide showed him blowing them into bubbles that make them rise in the air, only to pop later and make them fall down. This signified the support that all our fathers are in life, pushing us upwards and keeping us protected until life happens and our fantasy bubble is burst without them
Father’s Day is an opportunity for us to ensure that we express our gratitude. A father does everything possible to help his child or children live a happy and safe life. By making this day special for our father, we can hope to make them happy on a day dedicated to him.