Government Preparation: Aadhaar cancellation will be possible, Biometric data will be delete


New Delhi: There has been considerable debate in the country for a long time on the validation of the Aadhaar. Recently the Supreme Court’s decision has also come. According to the decision, the aadhaar is not mandatory for all types of services and it is said to be valid with some conditions. It was also called Secure. But now there is a news that might bring a new turn in the debate.

According to a report, the central government is in the last phase of the amendment of the Aadhaar Act. According to this proposition, if any citizen wants, he can cancel his aadhaar. It includes its aadhaar number, biometrics and data.

According to the report, the issuing institution UIDAI has proposed to add ‘opt-out’ clause to the Aadhaar Act. Under this, people can delete their biometric details from the server. The Unique Identification Authority of India has prepared for this amendment.

This report says that the proposal has been sent to the Law Ministry for revision. The ministry has suggested that everyone should get the option of canceling and it should not be limited to just a few people.

In September, the Supreme Court gave its verdict regarding the inevitability. The Supreme Court upheld the aadhaar with some conditions. At the same time, the apex court also gave several decisions to link the aadhaar with different services. In addition to linking the mobile number and bank account in it, the comment has also been made about the mandatory requirement of PAN card and school and the decision has been made.