Gujarat: UP-Bihar people been attacked,Congress blamed in involvement…


Ahmedabad: After the incident of rape of a girl, the incident of attacks on north Indians in Gujarat has brought a political color. Congress MLA Ameesh Thakor is being accused of instigating local people against the people of UP-Bihar. People from five major cities of Gujarat are constantly attacked due to the search of Rosi-Roti from UP-Bihar.

Congress has blamed it on the BJP government in its right state. At the same time, the state government and the BJP have tried to blame the Congress leaders in gesture gestures.

Please tell that after the rape of the 14-month-old girl in Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district, North Indians, especially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar People flee from there after the attack (Gujarat Rape Mob Attacks).

On the other hand, without the name of the Congress, Gujarat Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja said that investigation of the incident is going on, it is being detected that it is not a conspiracy of those people who are out of power.

For the first time in Gujarat, Ameesh Thakore, a lawmaker, is getting viral on a social media, in which he is talking about the attack where the threat is being made to shut down the factories and there are also talking about revenge. Their organization is being accused of attacking North Indians on the Kshatriya Thakor army.

Meanwhile, the Gujarat government has appealed to migrant workers not to leave the state, and those who have gone back will be back. Gujarat Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja gave people the confidence of security. He said that the entire responsibility of the security of the workers coming to Gujarat for employment from other states is above us. We are quite serious to restore law and order in the state.

We have so far filed 35 FIRs. Apart from this, more than 450 people have been arrested so far. In the case of the government is absolutely serious. The state police chief himself is monitoring the situation.

The Home Minister of Gujarat said that some handful of factors have made such efforts in front of the safety and security of our Gujarat. We have mobilized more than 450 people. In front of rumors we have filed a case under the IT Act.