Happy Birthday Dharmendra! Lassi cocktails to stealing beer, 5 desi tales of Bollywood’s He-Man


The Garam Dharam or let’s say the original He-Man of Bollywood turns 83 today. While we all know that how the actor has now slowed down when it comes to working in films or attending social gatherings due to his age, the senior actor has done much crazy and at the same time weird stuff in his younger days. From mixing beer in lassi to stealing beers from sets, Dharmednra Ji was the epitome of being insanely crazy. So on the eve of his 83rd birthday while the world appreciates how great actor he is, we bring to you the fun and vunerable side of Dharmendra which is not known to many.

When Dharmedra mixed beer in lassi

In an interview with a leading news channel, Dharmedra while talking about his drinking problem revealed that how once he mixed beer and lassi. The veteran actor said, “I was shooting for Aag Hi Aag, it was afternoon time and I felt like having a beer. I asked this young man to get me a lassi and make sure that there is a lot of froth on top (so that when he mixes the beer, the beer’s froth doesn’t show). But my co-star Moushumi Chatterjee figured it out that I was drinking but didn’t tell me. She was like – What are you drinking? And I replied, it’s just lassi. But she wasn’t fooled as asked for a sip. At which point, I smiled and admitted that I had mixed beer in it,” the veteran actor said candidly.

When he didn’t attend school to avoid meeting his father

The senior actor didn’t like going to school not because he hated studies but because his father was the teacher in the same school. It is stated that the senior actor was so mischevious that Dharmendra’s father used to beat his son more than the rest of the children.

When he stole beer from the sets of ‘Sholay’

Dharmendra once recalled that during the filming of Sholay a cameraman called Jim used to have 7-8 beers throughout the shooting every day. And Dharmendra without Jim’s knowledge, used to drink up from his open beer cans. However, after a few days, Jim found out and the two had a hearty laugh over it.

When he used his wig to save his face from an accident

The veteran actor once recalled that during the shoot of ‘Phool aur Pathhar’, he met with a fatal fire accident. He apparently saved his face with a wig he was sporting.

When he made self-fun so cool

Dharmendra unlike many other Bollywood celebrities of his age was a total chill when it came to laughing on himself. He revealed in an interview that once when he went for the audition, the director after going through his audition clip said they want a hero not a hockey player.