Haryana: Hearing on Baba Rampal case today…

Hisar: The final decision on Baba Rampal who is in jail in Satlok Ashram in Hisar,  is today, involved in  crime like murder and grasping the land.

In view of this, Hissar and surrounding security arrangements have been tightened. On Thursday, Hissar’s court is going to decide the future of Rampal.

Hisar district has been transformed into a fort. To maintain the status of law and order, the trains coming to Hissar from different parts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana will not be operated.

Let’s say that after the final hearing on Monday in Rampal closed in jail for nearly four years, the court had reserved its decision till Thursday.

The case is on November 14, 2014, despite the order of the High Court, in one case Rampal did not appear in the court. After this the High Court ordered Rampal to be presented and the police administration conducted the operation to remove Rampal from Satlok Ashram. During this 4 people were killed.