Hockey WC 2018: Australia become first team to qualify for quarterfinals


Australia’s hopes for a third consecutive World Cup title stay strong after they became the first team to qualify for the quarterfinals via a 3-0 win over England on December 4. The defending champs scored thrice in the final quarter and sealed qualification when China held Ireland to a 1-1 draw in the second game of Group B. England now need a win against Ireland in their final group game to stay alive in the competition.

India have so far enjoyed a decent run in the group stage of the 2018 Hockey World Cup being played in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The host nation defeated South African in the opening game, which was followed by a spirited draw against Belgium.

Here are the results of all the matches played so far.

1.Belgium 2-1 Canada (Pool C) (November 28)

2.India 5-0 South Africa (Pool C) (November 28)

3.Argentina 4-3 Spain (Pool A) (November 29)

4.New Zealand 2-1 France (Pool A) (November 29)

5.Australia 2-1 Ireland (Pool B) (November 30)

6.England 2-2 China (Pool B) (November 30)

7. Netherlands 7-0 Malaysia (Pool D) (December 1)

8. Germany 1-0 Pakistan (Pool D) (December 1)

9.Canada 1-1 South Africa (Pool C) (December 2)

10. India 2-2 Belgium (Pool C) (December 2)

11. Spain 1-1 France (Pool A) — (December 3)

12. New Zealand 0-3 Argentina (Pool A) (December 3)

13. Australia 3-0 England (Pool B) (December 4)