If exit poll turns to result, major changes will be in country’s politics

New Delhi: 339 to 365 seats to NDA.. This is a trailer of picture, coming on May 23, in which Narendra Modi is going to be the superhero of Indian politics again. According to Exit Polls, this time there is Modi tsunami again in country. No opposition mathematics and alliance will survive in front of it. It seems that for the second time, Narendra Modi is going to completely destroy the opposition. If this estimate turns into conclusions on May 23, then there will be many important changes in the country’s politics.

PM Modi’s image will be stronger

In this election, the opposition had unitedly put emphasis on fighting Narendra Modi. It seemed that this time perhaps the BJP might be away from the majority of the figures, but the exit poll estimates are proving that if Modi is there, then it is possible. If the estimates prove to be true then the image of PM Modi will be strengthened in the next five years. Modi can take big decision like demonetisation and GST in the coming five years.

Shah’s status will bigger in Modi Government Part-2

It is clear from the estimates that Modi tsunami is in the country. The superhero of this Tsunami is PM Narendra Modi, then Hero is BJP President Amit Shah. The questions which were raised on the loss of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh on Amit Shah, who always kept discussions about their booth management, would be silenced and once again their Chanakya policy would be appreciated everywhere. Amit Shah’s status in the next five years can be quite big in the Modi government Part-2.

Dark future of the opposition coalition

However, even after the exit polls, the opposition is asking to wait till May 23 and has put its hopes on the day of May 23, but a trend has been seen from exit polls, that there is no one who can challenge the name of Narendra Modi in Indian politics.

In a state like UP, where Mayawati and Akhilesh gave a big challenge, Narendra Modi seems to be destroying this election pair badly. It is clear from the estimates that the Modi Tsunami has become a matter of concern for the opposition. Worry is also for those alliances, which were made to stop Modi’s victory chariot. Their future is in danger.

Questions will be rise again on Rahul’s leadership in Congress

It will be most uneasy for Congress. The Congress fought this election aggressively. Along with Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi took the official entry in politics and targeted Modi government everywhere, but the exit poll estimates show that this pair of brother and sister could not succeed in preventing the victory chariot of Modi. Like in 2014, Congress is expected to be average in 2019. In such a situation, there can be a big upheaval within the Congress. Rahul Gandhi’s leadership capacity can be questioned.

Threat to the Government of Bengal, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh

If the estimates prove to be true, then another big danger bell may ring for the Congress. After the Modi Tsunami, the BJP’s full focus could be on running Operation Lotus against the state governments of West Bengal, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. In Bengal, PM Modi has said that 40 people of TMC are in their contact. While in Karnataka, the BJP has run Operation Lotus twice. Now, for the third time, Operation Lotus can try to coup. Apart from this, the danger can be mounted on the Kamalnath government of Madhya Pradesh. The BJP can also try to form the government there.

The advantage in coming elections

The exit poll estimates are that Narendra Modi has not only saved his fortress of 2014, but has also made a surgical strike by visiting others’ fortress. Now the preparations for the BJP will be on the forthcoming assembly elections. After coming back with a huge majority in the power of the Centre, the BJP will be very proud and with full vigour it will put its full emphasis on assembly elections. States like Delhi, Haryana, Jammu-Kashmir, Maharashtra and Jharkhand may go to assembly elections this year. In these states, BJP will get the benefit of the Modi tsunami.

Government of full majority will create second consecutive session

According to exit polls, the NDA can get between 339 to 365 seats, the UPA gets 77 to 108 seats and the other parties get 69 to 95 seats. If this figure is more or less the same on May 23, then it will be the first time since 1971 that a leader will come in government with the full majority for the second consecutive time. This magic was done by Indira Gandhi in 1971 and now Narendra Modi is going to do such a miracle, because the guess is telling that Modi is a tsunami all over the country.