Income tax Department Raid on Media Businessman Raghav Behl…

New Delhi: The Income Tax Department’s team raided the house and office of the media businessman Raghav Behl on Thursday morning.

Raghav Behl has said in his statement that he is currently in Mumbai. He has said in his statement to the editors guild that I want to tell the Guild about this worrisome situation that dozens of Income Tax Department officials came to the ‘survey’ in my house and the quint’s office.

Raghav Behl has told that he is coming to Mumbai from Delhi. With this, he said that we are the tax-paying institutions. We will present all the appropriate financial papers for investigation.

Raghav Behal, along with that, said that he had clearly told the Income Tax Officer in his house that he should not seek any document related to journalism or any e-mail related to his home from his home. He said that if this is done then necessary steps will be taken against it.

Bahl expressed the hope that the editors’ guild would accompany him in this matter and this would be possible to present an example of uniting against such an action against any media institution in the future.

According to the reports, investigators say that the related investigation is being done in connection with not complying with the tax laws. Officials have said that many more businessmen are also being examined.