India holds talks with Taliban for the first time

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New Delhi: As part of efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan, India will sit on the table of talks with Taliban for the first time on Friday. This multi-party meeting is extremely important in the future of Afghanistan, which has been suffering with war and terrorism for three decades. The Taliban representatives will also be present in this meeting.

Non-official Entry of India

In this meeting in Russia, India will discuss the issue of peace and stability in Afghanistan. India said on Thursday that it will participate as “non-official level” in the meeting organized by Russia.

Amar Sinha, who has been India’s Ambassador to Afghanistan and former High Commissioner to India TCA Raghavan, will represent India in this meeting.

The Russian Foreign Ministry had said last week that the Moscow-format meeting on Afghanistan will be held on November 9 and representatives of the Afghan Taliban will participate in it. When asked about India’s involvement in the meeting, Ravi Kumar, Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “We are aware that Russia is hosting a meeting on 9 November in Moscow.”

India’s Foreign Ministry has said that India supports all efforts of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, which will maintain unity and plurality and bring stability and prosperity to the country.

Attempt to be led by Afghan leadership

Foreign Minister Spokesman Ravish Kumar stressed that India’s continuing policy has been that such efforts should be done in Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled and partnering with the Government of Afghanistan.

According to Russian news agency Hour, this is the second time when Russia is trying to bring regional powers together while looking for ways to bring peace to the war-affected Afghanistan.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, invitations have been sent to Afghanistan, India, Iran, and China, Pakistan, America and some other countries to participate in this program.

Let you know that Russian President Putin had visited India a few days ago. Meanwhile, PM Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on several global issues. Only then this meeting is being organized.

Why not talk like this in Jammu and Kashmir?

Here, on the efforts of the Government of India, the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, is tensed. Omar Abdullah has said that if the Modi government confesses to the Taliban on the negotiating table, why the Center in Jammu and Kashmir cannot talk to other elements other than the mainstream. Omar Abdullah tweeted, “If the meeting where Taliban is the partnership, in which the Modi government has approved its non-official representation, then why does the government not do non-official talks with organizations working from mainstream in Jammu and Kashmir?”

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