Is ‘Ram Mudra’ legal tender in US and Netherlands? : Know the reality


In all those states, including Rajasthan, Telangana, where there is an electoral atmosphere at this time, all kinds of furious news are being spread there. In many places incomplete information is sharing with social media platforms such as What’sapp, Facebook and Twitter, and a lot of people posted it on their personal pages.

One such post showed us on many social media sites in which it has been claimed that currency notes named Ram are being officially used in the US and Netherlands. People with this tweet also shared a picture of the note.

Some social media users have also written the details of these notes, such as the name of Ram is written in 18 languages on note, picture of Lord Ram on a bright colored note and its price is more than the Euro and Dollars.

But in our investigation we found that Ram Mudra is real, but its claims of legal tender in the United States and the Netherlands are futile.

Central banks of both the countries never considered this Ram mudra as legal tender (official currency).

Such information and photographs related to Ram mudra are being shared on social media and internet. In the recent past, after the political ferment on Ram temple, such posts are spreading widely on social media.

What is ‘Ram Mudra’

In the mid-western part of the United States, these notes were distributed in 2002 in ‘Maharishi Vedic City’ of the state of Iowa by an organization called ‘The Global Country of World Peace’. In the same year this institution also distributed the Ram currency in the Netherlands. Vedic City is a part of the organization called ‘The Global Country of World Peace’, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Mahesh Prasad Verma).

However, after the death of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 2008, there is no specific information about the current status of this currency. But this alleged currency is still included in the list of the main attractions of Vedic City.

This institution has written on its website, “Vedic City started sharing the Ram mudra on February 24, 2002. City Council had accepted the currency of Ram for economic development of the city and for promoting local business.”

“The value of the paper ‘A Ram Mudra’ has been fixed at US $ 10, and at this rate, anyone can buy Ram Mudra, there are three options in the notes: one Ram, five Ram and ten Ram.”

That is, this currency can only be used within the ashram or between the members connected with the ashram. The US-based ‘Maharishi Vedic City’ introduced Ram Mudra with Vedic style agriculture, healthcare and education.

Ram mudra bond

There was a time when the number of followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was more than 60 lakhs. America’s famous English band ‘The Beatles’ also became a follower of Mahesh Yogi. At that time, Ram Mudra was sold like a bond.

In 2003, there were about 100 shops in the Netherlands, 30 villages and some parts of the city, Ram mudra was in circulation. At that time, the Dutch Central Bank had said that they are keeping an eye on Ram Mudra. They believes that the institution of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will use this currency in the close group and will not do anything after going out of the law.

According to the government bank of the Netherlands, Vedic City had printed about one lakh rupees of Ram Mudra in 2002. But Ram Mudra was never declared legal tender (official currency). It was just a piece of paper, according to which one institution had fixed the price and people used to give it to each other instead of labor or product.

‘Why Ram Mudra is not in India?’

Umed Singh Chawda, who introduced himself as the national president of the Sanatan Dharma Foundation of Gujarat, wrote on Twitter: “Ram mudra is worth 10 euros, used in the Netherlands and USA.” But with this he added a question. Tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he wrote, “If Ram Mudra being in circulation in abroad, why not in India.”

On some social media posts, it was also written that “Global currency should be started in India to bring ‘Ram Rajya’ to India.”

Some so-called Hindu organizations have also been advocating for ‘Ram Mudra’ with Ram temple being built. Some people have questioned the present system of currency, while writing that why is India stuck on Gandhi? India should also put many people’s faces on the currency like the foreign currency.