Jharkhand Elephants Stray Into Balasore Forest

Balasore: The wild elephants from Jharkhand have strayed into Balasore district yet again triggering panic in forest-side human settlements

A herd of 40 elephants leaving their habitation corridors in Jharkhand have made their way to Tinikosia reserve forest in Nilagiri block.

The herd which included tuskers who crossed the Betanati forest range in Mayurbhanj district to sneak into Nilagiri area.

The animals are yet to trigger any major damage to life and property so far, possibility of the animals unleashing a reign of terror in forest periphery villages looms large, said officials.

The herd headed by two adult tuskers was spotted loitering around the forest areas. They are yet to stay into village areas.

Effort is on to drive them away from the area. The skilled service group of elephant chasers is keeping round the clock watch on these animals. The Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking teams have spotted the movement of these elephants, said an official.

It’s during this time of the year; the act of straying of Jharkhand elephants after covering several miles is often reported. Dense forest cover enriched with fruit bearing trees like mangoes and jackfruits attract them venture into Kuldiha wildlife sanctuary, he said.

The forest department has warned the villagers not to venture into elephant-infested forest areas. They have been told to stay alert on possible intrusion of animals and promptly disseminate it to forest personnel.

The elephant habitat in Jharkhand has shrunk following deforestation. The animals are no more finding it congenial for habitation. As a result, they are migrating to neighbouring Odisha forest areas in Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Balasore districts in search of food and water.