Know 5 health benefits of protein-rich eggs

New Delhi : Eggs are a great source of protein, and almost everyone knows that. Eggs have been a popular item of a healthy diet and also extremely popular all across the world. Whether it was the famous ‘Ande ka Funda’ Bollywood song that was so catchy everyone would start singing it or the recent Instagram picture of an egg that has beaten Kylie Jenner’s post to become the most liked picture on Instagram, eggs have always been the talk of the town.

Eggs, however, deserve all such love and importance from the world as they are a wonderful food item which helps you become healthier, get in your fittest shape, and is also extremely easy to cook. Here is

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Rich in protein

Proteins are a very important nutrient required by the body to build strength, muscles, and immunity. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein that you can include in your diet to meet the protein requirement. An average person requires 56 gm of protein in a day and one egg has about 13 gm of protein in it, which means 4 to 5 eggs are more than enough to meet your body’s protein requirement for the whole day.

Weight loss

Eggs are great for weight loss. Most diets follow the rule of low carbs and high protein and what’s a better source of protein but an egg. Eggs also keep you fuller for longer and keep you from eating too much or too often.

Vitamin D deficiency

A lot of people suffer from vitamin D deficiency these days which can have really adverse effects on your health. Vitamin D is important for bone health and should be an important part of your diet. Eggs contain 21% vitamin D and can be a great source of the nutrient and avoid deficiencies.

Improves metabolism

Cobalamin or Vitamin B12 is present in eggs and is extremely essential for metabolism, cell health and nerve health. An egg contains about 18% of vitamin B12 and can be a rich source of the same.

Better bone health

Eggs can also ensure that your bones stay healthy for longer, and also stronger than they are right now. Eggs contain calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc. which improve bone health and reduce chances of breaking bones, and even arthritis.