Know the 11 amazing things about ‘Statue of Unity’


New Delhi: The world’s largest statue ‘Statue of Unity’ is ready to be inaugurate by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October. This idol belongs to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who has always been associated with the land and now he will also grace the sky. Let’s know the special things of this idol, which you hardly know.

The length of the statue is 182 meters and it is so large that it can be seen from a distance of 7 kilometers. Let you know that ‘Statue of Unity’ is twice the height of America’s Statue of Liberty (93 meters).

This idol has two lifts, through which you will reach Sardar Patel’s chest and from there you will be able to see the sight of the Sardar Sarovar Dam and enjoy the beauty of nature. To reach the idol of Sardar, a bridge and boat will be arranged for tourists.

Engineers have completed the construction of this statue in four phases. Which is as follows: – (1) Mock-up, (2) 3D (3) scanning technique, (4) Computer Numerical Control Production Technology At the same time, the lower part of the statue has been slightly slim than the upper part. The biggest challenge in the construction of the statue was to save it from earthquake and other disasters.

Tell you that, this statue will stand still in the air at 180 kmph. It can also tolerate a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. 200 Chinese employees also shared hands with Indian laborers in the construction of this statue. These people have worked in different batches for two to three months since September 2017.

For this, a tent city has also been built at a distance of 3 kilometers from the idol. Bharat Bhawan, the best 3 star hotel of 52 rooms where you can stay overnight. At the same time a museum under the statue has been prepared, where many things related to Sardar Patel’s memory will be kept.

After the formation of the Modi government in the center, for the construction of the statue, the contract was given to the Larsen and Toubro Company in October 2014. It is believed that about 3000 crore rupees have been spent in the construction. Let you know, the elevator of the Statue of Unity will be seen.

This statue made of 5700 metric tons of structural steel and 18,500 metric ton reinforcement bars, will be equipped with laser lighting, which will always keep its lively look.

In this statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, 4 metals have been used, in which there will be no rust for years. 85 percent copper has been used in the statue.

The idol that is special in appearance, the more typical it is. It is a composite type structure and Cleansing Bronze on Sardar Patel statue. This project has a concrete of 1 million 70 thousand cubic meter. Two thousand metric tons of bronze has been installed.

Apart from this, 5700 metric tons of structural steel and 18500 metric ton reinforcement bars have also been used. This statue is made of 22500 metric ton cement. It takes about 44 months to build this statue.

In the construction of this Iron Man statue, millions of tons of iron and copper are planted. To make this idol, iron was collected from the farmers living in the village of entire India by collecting old and useless tools use in the fields of farming. A trust for this also made “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Integration Trust” Its foundation was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2013.