Know the origin of Sikhism, How Nanak Dev got the status of ‘Guru’.


Religion Desk : On November 23, there is Kartik Purnima. This day has a special significance in Hinduism. Apart from this, this day is very important in Sikh religion too. On the day of Kartik Purnima, Guru Nanak Dev, the first ‘Guru’ of Sikhs was born. This day is celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti and Prakash Parva. Guru Nanak Jayanti is an important and big festival for the people of Sikhism. On the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, let us know some important things related to the life of Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak was born in Hindu family

It is believed that the childhood of Guru Nanak Dev ji, born in the Hindu family, has passed among the Muslims. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s father named Kalu Bedi and mother’s name was Trupta Devi. The name of the sister of Nanak Dev ji was Nanaki.

When Guru Nanak Dev grew up, his father gave him the responsibility of caring of cows. But Nanak started to meditate between the work and the cow used to go to other fields and spoil their crops. Seeing all these, Guru Nanak’s father used to become very angry with him. But the villagers saw many miraculous activities with Guru Nanak. After this people of the village thought that Guru Nanak is definitely Saint.

After watching Guru Nanak’s activities, one of his neighbors asked Nanak’s father to study them in cultural subjects. He believed that Nanak was very interested in things related to religion. In 1487, Guru Nanak married with Sulkhani Devi. His two sons were Shri Chand and Lakshmi Chand. Guru Nanak’s father wanted him to do his business so that he could fulfill his family’s needs. For this, his father gave him some money to start a new business. But Nanak spend this money to give food to the hungry and orphaned people who met him in the way. When they returned home with empty handed, his father was very angry with them. But Nanak said that the result of doing good work is always good.

There was a time when his father had been troubled by him. Nanak’s father sent him to his sister Nanki’s house to work. Nanak’s sister Nanaki was lived in Sultanpur. Nanak started working there.

After a few days, Nanak met a Muslim poet Mardana there. They used to meet him every day before going to work and meditate with him on the banks of the river. Seeing this, the people there wondered how people of two different religions can meditate together.

When people called him Guru Nanak

One day, Nanak went to the river to take a bath and meditation. Nanak descended into the river and disappeared there. People thought that now Nanak has sunk in the river, now he will never return. But after three days, Nanak came out of the river, saying ‘no one is Hindu or no one is Muslim’. After seeing this, everyone believed that Nanak is a great saint. And all the people started calling him ‘guru’ since then, they started being called Guru Nanak.

After this, Nanak merged himself into meditation. He quit his job. All his belongings distributed among the poor. Arranged all the facilities for his wife and children and went out on a religious journey with Mardana. Both of them went to the different place and started giving information related to religion to the people.

How did the beginning of Sikhism?

Sikhism started in the Punjab by Guru Nanak Dev, the first Guru of Sikhism. There was Hindu and Islam religion in Punjab at the time. Then Guru Nanak Dev started giving information about religion to people, which was quite different from Islam and Hinduism.

After Guru Nanak Dev, there were 9 gurus and those who increased Sikh religion. Sikh religion was fully established till the time of the 5th Guru Arjun Dev, of Sikhism. He also compiled a book titled ‘Adi Granth’ of the Sikhs.