Know the story of Red Carpet and when did the trend begin

New Delhi: Walking on the red carpet is associated with fame, special events, honors, etc. But in politics sometimes it can be a cause for trouble, as recently happened with Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh. In fact, after the grenade attack on Nirankari Bhawan in Amritsar, a red carpet was laid for Amarinder Singh at the scene. However, after the dispute it was removed.

The red carpet is laid on special occasions, but have you ever thought that when the beginning of this red carpet started? By the way, this royal tradition was started from outside, but India is at the top in making handmade carpets. It is said that India is in the first place in making handmade carpets and 70-80 percent of production is exported. It is easily available in India and it is used in many celebrations.

It is said that it has been used not for the general public, but for the particular people. If you talk about history, its oldest mention is found in the Greek drama Agamemnon of Eskilos. It was a matter of Gautama Buddha period and Ajatshatru of Magadha was India’s most powerful king.

It is shown in this drama that the Greek King Agamemnon leaves his wife home and goes to war. This war continues for a long time and both kings and queens do not remain loyal to each other. Later, when king return home after winning the war, he come back with a woman. However, even then Queen Clétenestra laid red carpet for her winning husband.

However, he does not want to walk on that carpet, because according to Greek beliefs only God can walk on the red carpet. But on the queen’s request he walks on the red carpet. Since then, red carpet has reached other countries from Greece. Officially, the red carpet was first used in the year 1821, when it was laid in the welcome of the then US President James Monroe. After that, in 1902, Red Carpet was used for New Express train passengers in New York. After that since 1920, it became common in Hollywood and fashion events.

When red carpet came in India?

If we talk about India, then there is no special mention that it was used for the first time in India. Although it is said that it was used in the Delhi Darbar in the year 1911, when the then viceroy Lord Hardinge laid it for King George V.

This Darbar was located in the Red Fort and at that time a special arrangement was made for it and inside the Red Fort the forest was cleaned and it was used for Queen Mary with King George V. However, it is now used in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for a foreign dignitary.