Maya ends alliance with SP, says- will contest all elections on own efforts

Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati has clarified her stand on the alliance with Samajwadi Party. Mayawati on Twitter wrote that in the interest of the party and movements, the BSP will now contest all coming elections alone.

Mayawati wrote, “BSP’s All India Meet lasted for two and a half hours in Lucknow yesterday. After this, the rounds of state-wise meetings continued till late in the night, in which there was no media. Yet what has flashed in the media about the BSP chief is not completely correct, while the press release was also issued.”

While referring to the alliance, Mayawati wrote, “Anyway, it is clear that in spite of forgetting all the old gills with Samajawadi Party and its government’s tenure decisions against Dalit and BSP decisions, works against reservation in promotions and deteriorating law and order etc., we made alliance for country and public interest.’

After declaring to break the coalition, Mayawati wrote, “After the Lok Sabha election, the SP’s behaviour forces the BSP to think that by doing so, will it be possible to beat the BJP further by doing so? Which is not possible. In the interest of the party and movements, the BSP will contest all the elections alone on its own efforts.