Me-too: Uma Bharti in favour of MJ Akbar,says issue is between women and Akbar…

New Delhi: There is a debate across the country on the day-to-day disclosures made after the Me-too Movement. Meanwhile Union Minister Uma Bharti has defended Akbar on charges of sexual harassment imposed by women on M.J. Uma told this to be a matter between Akbar and the women.

Uma, who reached the seminar on the birth anniversary of Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, answering the question of the media in this matter, said, “I do not want to say anything on this matter. The case related to Akbar was when he was not a minister in the central government. This case is entirely between woman and Akbar. So, I can not say anything on this.

When reporters asked Uma that you have always been talking about women’s interests, but why are they going back on this matter, the Union Minister has not even spoken to it on this and kept quiet and kept quiet. Earlier, the Central Women and Child Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi, has talked about making a committee to investigate cases arising under the #MeToo Movement.

‘Committee will investigate charges’
He said, “I have proposed to create a committee to investigate all cases arising under the Me-too campaign, which will include senior judicial officers and lawmakers.” This committee will help in all methods of dealing with sexual abuse complaints and the legal and institutional framework associated with it.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi also tweeted about Me-too. He said, “Now it is time that all people respect and dignify women with women. I am glad that the scope for those who do not do is decreasing. To bring about change, the truth must be spoken in a clear and lofty way.

However, Maneka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi did not react to the allegations of sexual abuse of MJ Akbar while talking to the metro. Maneka Gandhi asserted that on this issue more women should come forward and share their experiences.