‘MJ Akbar had raped me’, accuses Indian journalist of US

New Delhi: After allegations of sexual harassment imposed by more than 20 women under the #MeToo Campaign, now a woman journalist has accused Akbar for rap. Pallavi Gogoi, a US based journalist, mentioned the incident of rape when MJ Akbar used to be her boss in Asian Age.

According to the statement of Pallavi Gogoi published in the Washington Post, Akbar was with Pallavi to discuss the news in a Jaipur hotel. In the hotel room he raped Pallavi. There was a lot of heaping between the two, but Pallavi writes, ‘I struggled a lot, but he was physically more powerful than me. He tore my clothes and rape me.’

Pallavi Gogoi told that instead of complaining in the police, I was feeling more confused. I did not tell anyone about this, did anybody trust me? I felt guilty only, why did I go to the hotel room?

Earlier, referring to another incident of 1994, Pallavi said, ‘I went to his office and the door of the room was closed. I showed them the o-pad page and told how its headlines have made interesting. Akbar praised my efforts and immediately lured me to do kiss. After this my face became red with shame, I told one of my colleagues about this whole incident.’

Pallavi said that 2 weeks from now, Akbar has resigned as the Minister of State for External Affairs. He said all the allegations made by other women journalists were baseless and went to court against a complainant. It has not surprised me, they are trying to build their ‘truth’. I’m not going to get anything by saying today. But this was disheartening and the closest people would understand my pain.

Pallavi told that she is writing for the support of women who have given their truth. Also for their young daughter and son, so that when somebody hunts them they can fight and never become a victim. They can know what happened to me 23 years ago, I have passed through such a bad time and now I am moving forward.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, MJ Akbar was the editor of several newspapers. So far, many female journalists have accused them under the #MeToo Campaign. The first charge on Akbar was made by a senior journalist named Priya Ramani, in which she told her story during an interview in a hotel room.

After the allegations of Ramani, there was a flurry of accusations against Akbar, and after one, many other women journalists have been blaming him. Against a woman journalist, Akbar turned to the court, where the hearing is going on. However, between the pressures, MJ Akbar has resigned as Minister of State for External Affairs a few days ago.