Modi becomes the first Prime Minister to remove the part of his speech from Rajya Sabha’s record!

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New Delhi:PM Modi has said something in the Rajya Sabha on August 9 that it became strange. That part of the speech was erased from the Rajya Sabha record. Meaning if someone has kept a screenshot even then the video will not be found. The Rajya Sabha Secretariat has confirmed this fact that yes, where PM Modi took the name of BK Hariprasad, it has been removed, forever. And those who have achieved such a pride have become the first PM. Almost because it can be the first mistake of Prime Minister Nehru.

Harivansh Narayan Singh and BK Hariprasad
Yes, it was the matter of the Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Chairman election. BK Hariprasad and Harivansh Narayan Singh were in front of us. Harivansh Narayan was on behalf of NDA. have won. After that the line of speech is gone. While playing with the name of BK Hariprasad, PM Modi made it humiliating. Those words will not be written here, because it is illegal to write the one who has been removed from the Rajya Sabha records.

Congress leader BK Hariprasad has been very hurt by this statement of PM. Said: The prime minister spoiled the chair’s chairmanship. The dignity of the Rajya Sabha has fallen. After that, that part of the speech of the Prime Minister was blown away forever.

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