Modi’s name should be recorded in Guinness Book : Congress

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New Delhi: Usually the Congress leaders, who are sharply criticize Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has suddenly become desperate to register his name in Guinness World Records. Goa Congress proposed Modi’s name for Guinness World Record by writing a letter. The Congress says that the name of PM Modi will be recorded for record number to travel abroad.

Goa Congress spokesman Sankalp Amonkar has written a letter to Guinness World Records for this. This letter was sent to the UK based Guinness World Records through registered post. The letter says, “We are very happy to suggest the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has established the world record. He has used the resources of India properly and has set records for 41 trips of 52 countries in four years. He has spent Rs 355 crores for this. “

Sankalpa Amonkar has said, “He (Modi) has become the role model for the future generation of India, because no Prime Minister has made such trips overseas during his tenure.” However, Amonkar said in the matter that his intention was to show the discrepancies of the Modi government. He said that the Prime Minister has spent most of his time abroad, but no such initiative or opinion has been found on many important issues of the country. He said that during the tenure of PM Modi, rupee has fallen to Rs. 69.03 and thus India’s currency performance is the worst in Asia at this time.

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