Naxal terror ended in 44 districts: Home Ministry

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New Delhi: There is a decline in Naxal activities in the country, the Maoists area have also be reduced. According to a report of the Home Ministry, out of 126 districts of Naxal-affected country, the government declared 44 districts as Naxal-free area. Now there are only 82 districts which are affected by the Naxalites in the country.

However, if the report of the Home Ministry is considered, then the new 8 districts have been included in the Naxal affected area. The number of Naxal affected districts has gone down from 35 to 30.

According to the information, the 44 districts which have left from the list of Naxal affected areas include 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh (Prakasam, Kurnool, Anantapur), 3 districts of Chhattisgarh (Sarguza, Kuria and Jaspur), 2 districts of Jharkhand (Deoghar and Pakud) are included. In these 44 districts, the highest number of 19 districts have been removed from the list of Naxal-affected districts of Telangana.

Decrease in 4 years

According to the Home Ministry, there has been remarkable decrease in the spread of Naxal violence in the past four years. The credit goes to the versatile strategy of security and development measures. According to the report of the Home Ministry, the Naxalites are neither in the 44 districts nor is their presence.

Naxal violence has now remained limited to 30 districts which were badly affected. According to the Home Ministry, the main feature of anti-Naxal policy is not to tolerate violence at all and to promote development related activities so that the benefits of new roads, bridges, telephone towers can reach the poor people of affected areas.

Improvement from increasing connectivity

According to the report, 2,329 total mobile towers have been installed in the first phase in the Naxal-affected districts, which has increased connectivity there. So far, 816 mobile towers have been installed in Jharkhand, in the same way Chhattisgarh has set up 519 mobile towers. While 256 mobile towers have been installed in Odisha. In the second phase, the Home Ministry will set up more than 4,000 mobile towers in the Naxal affected area.

The Home Ministry has kept 126 districts of 10 states in the Naxal-affected areas. These affected districts fall under the security related expenditure scheme. Its purpose is to include security related expenses such as transportation, hire vehicles, stipulate the surrendered Maoists, construction of infrastructure for security forces, etc.

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