NDA overtakes UPA also in Congress internal survey

New Delhi: If there is an atmosphere of celebration in the BJP after the exit polls, the opposition is refusing it. Meanwhile, Congress’s own exit poll has emerged. According to this, BJP will fall below 200 and NDA will stop at 230 seats, while Congress alone can win 140 seats. Congress sources said that in the party’s survey, the UPA is winning more than 195 seats.

According to the party’s internal survey, the Congress expects the UPA to perform well in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Punjab. Congress will also perform better in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Haryana. The Congress believes that it can get 15 seats in Bihar, 22-24 in Maharashtra, 34 in Tamil Nadu, 15 in Kerala, 7 in Gujarat, 11-13 in Karnataka, 2 in West Bengal, 8-10 in Madhya Pradesh, 5-6 in Haryana and 6-7 seats in Rajasthan.

Apart from this, the UPA will win on 5 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 2 in Delhi, 9 in Punjab, 9 in Chhattisgarh, 2 in Odisha, 2 in Telangana, 2 in Jammu and Kashmir, one in Himachal Pradesh, one in Goa, 5 in Jharkhand , 2 in Uttarakhand, 9-10 in North-eastern states, 6 in Assam, one in Arunachal Pradesh, 2 in Meghalaya and 1 seat in Nagaland.

Big hope for Congress from South India

Congress has gathered this figure from 260 observers, state’s in-charge and local leaders present in different constituencies of the country. Congress is expected to get good news from South India, whereas in North India, it is expected to perform well from the last time.

NDA will away from majority with 40 seats

In the Congress survey, the NDA is not hitting the majority figure. BJP is getting less than 200 seats, while NDA can win 230 seats. That is, 40 seats less from the majority figure.

Rahul appeals to workers

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has appealed to party workers over the EVM issue. Rahul wrote on Twitter, “The next 24 hours are important. Be alert. Do not scare. You are fighting for the truth. Do not be disappointed with the false propaganda of fake exit polls. Believe in yourself and the Congress party, your hard work will be useless.”