Nirav Modi’s ring makes the engagement break,complaint filed…

New Delhi: Nirav Modi, the absconding businessman of thousands of crores of Indian banks, has shown his waters to many countries of the world. An interesting news is that Nirav Modi had sold a fake diamond with a Canadian man for $ 2 million, due to which his engagement broke.

Nirav Modi is the only scam in India, it is a fake, it is from news that it seems to be such a fake in many parts of the world. According to the South China Morning Post, this is about June. 36-year-old Paul Alfonso and his girlfriend suggested their girlfriends in Vancouver (Canada), a Chinese fine dining restaurant. Girlfriend did yes.

Both were happily on the seventh sky. Alfonso wore an expensive diamond ring ringing his girlfriend He bought this ring from the world’s renowned jewelery designer Nirav Modi. Who will not be influenced by the Nirav Modi brand, whose jewelery is worn by a Hollywood star like Kate Winslet, Dakota Johnson.

Alfonso was the CEO of a payment processing company and himself had met Nirav Modi in 2012. They were very impressed with the Nirav Modi. According to Alfonso, Nirav Modi told him that he wants to open his Modi boutique all over the world.

In his email, Alfonso said, “My budget is up to $ 100,000. Can you help me anything? ‘ When Nirav Modi came in the lure of this budget, he replied in the reply that, “It would be an honor for me to help in preparing your dream engagement ring.” I have Perfect Diamond for you. ‘ Nirav Modi offered Alfonso a 3.2-carat round Brilliant Diamond Cut, D Color, VVS 1 diamond which is considered to be a very high quality gem.

In April this year, Alfonso e-mailed Nirav Modi, ‘I am in the market, to buy engagement rings. I am going to propose my girlfriends. I want to buy something special for this. ‘ By then, Nirav Modi had escaped from India, but Alfonso did not know about all these developments. In fact, even after absconding from India, Nirav Modi was opening his showroom in countries like Macau, Kuala Lumpur.

Nirav wrote, ‘I can give you this wholesale price for $ 120,000. This is a very beautiful diamond. You will not be disappointed with it. ‘ Alfonso said yes and said that he should have this diamond as soon as possible. Nirav sought two weeks’ time and said that his master jeweler will prepare this ring in Hong Kong. Nirav wrote, ‘My assistant will contact you soon.’

Alfonso was pleased with this and ordered another ring which was worth $ 80,000. In this way, Nirav Modi got an order worth 2 lakh dollars. Alfonso got both the rings in Vancouver on June 17. Everything was going well, both of which were very happy. He was pushed when his girlfriend came to investigate another ring with another jeweler carrying his ring. When they came to know that these diamonds were fake, their senses became shaky.

When Alfonso’s girlfriend told her this, she did not trust her earlier. Alfonso’s dream was shattered. His girlfriend was also not ready to trust him. He thought that he intentionally bought these diamonds. After a few days, their relationship broke up.

Alfonso was a victim of depression for most of these days. After this, he contacted New York and Vancouver Police and lodged a complaint against Mr. Nirav Modi. He has filed a lawsuit against Nirav Modi for the $ 42 million compensation case filed in the Supreme Court of California, USA.