Non-bailable warrant issued against minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi in Yogi Government, know the reason…

Lucknow: A special court in Allahabad constituted for quick trial of cases in Uttar Pradesh has ordered the release of non-bailable warrants against the state government minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi.

Special Judge Pawan Kumar Tiwari has issued this order on the date of issue of a bailable warrant on the date of not appearing on many dates. The case related to the incident of 2010 is pending in Lucknow in 2011. The special judge said that on February 14, 2011, the court had issued summons with the cognizance. After that several summons were issued on the due date. On July 18, 2017, a bailable warrant of Rs 10,000 was issued.

He said that the same warrant was issued on 12 dates till 17th September 2018 but the accused did not appear in the court. The early dismissal of the case is not possible without the accused appearing in the court, so non-bailable warrants will be issued in appropriate, reasonable, relevant, legal and judicial.

The court also ordered to follow several stringent instructions. According to the order, Rita Bahuguna Joshi will be present in court on October 31. It has also been said in the order that it will not destroy the evidence and will not affect the witnesses. Cooperate in quick disposal of the trial and will not interfere in any kind of judicial process.

The court has also warned that lawful action can be taken if the conditions are not followed. It is worth mentioning that this case was registered in the Wazirganj police station in Lucknow in 2010 when Rita Bahuguna Joshi was the state Congress chief.

The Congress women’s wing president Meera Singh and Rita Bahuguna Joshi have alleged that they also met the rally on Shaheed Path after the imposition of section 144 and then proceeded to reach the assembly along with the crowd. If the police tried to stop them, there were incidents of fire, demolition, and arson.