A 'Slave village' in Independent India: National flag not hoisted here till today


ANKUR DWIVEDI | Published On: Jan 11, 2018 04:36 PM IST |   241

New Delhi: 70 years have passed since the independence of the country by the British rule. But there is such a village in the country, where till date National flag never has been hoisted. Here neither the Republic Day is celebrated nor the Independence Day. A village in Haryana is such that it considers itself as a slave even today.

Read the story of slavery...

People from Rohnat in Haryana still consider themselves a slave since independence. In this village with a population of about 4200, neither the Republic Day was celebrated nor Independence Day. The British had also massacred like Jallianwala Bagh in Rohnat village. Actually, the people here were given the terrible punishment of participating in the 1857 revolution.

British oppressed here

Omprakash Sharma, living in the village, explains that the British destroyed the village by cannon. The men here were taken captive to Hansi. There they were killed by running a road roller. In order to save chastity the women in which well and the banyan tree on which, the youths of the village were hanged, the well and the banyan tree are still present in the form of witness of the pain given by the British. Om Prakash said that the entire village was auctioned only for Rs. 8100. At the same time, the pain of auction is still in the rural areas.

Auctioned the village

The village's Sarpanch representative Ravindra Bura said that after some years of the auction the villagers bought the surrounding land on the strength of hard work. But even today, in the official records, the names of those villages, along with Rohnat, have also been bought, at the auction. Development work is also being affected due to problems in government records.

Not received help from government

To get rid of slavery, people here buzz around the government offices. Assurances are available everywhere but do not work. Another villager Dalbir Singh told that the government had talked about to give plots in Beed area, but nothing has been received so far.

This Republic Day will be special for Rohanat

In the 70 years of Independence, Republic Day and Independence Day have been celebrated in every part of the country. But this never happened in Rohanat. But this time Republic Day will be special for Rohnat. In fact, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is going to celebrate Republic Day here. There will be a ceremony at the grounds of the village's Gadi Gauri temple. The villagers hope that the government will give them freedom from slavery.


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