Former CJI Khehar said- How will India become a global power by staying communal?


ANKUR DWIVEDI | Published On: Jan 12, 2018 02:53 PM IST |   193

New Delhi: Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, JS Khehar, advocated a peaceful settlement of the Ayodhya dispute on Friday and said that India has chosen the path of full secularism after independence. But we think we have forgotten him, we have come in form of tit for tat again. He kept his opinion on issues related to religion to secularism, notebandi and corruption.

Justice Kehar said, "The biggest violence came when the country was free, such cruelty emerged which generations cannot forget. But there is something unique in India. Pakistan became an Islamic state but India preferred to be secular." He said that the leaders of India ensured that there is full secularism in the country.

Justice Khehar reminded that while he was Chief Justice, he was offered the help of Hindus and Muslims to find an amicable solution to the Ayodhya dispute. But despite the appeal of the former chief justice, the issue remains stuck and there are new disputes on this matter every day.

Former CJI Khehar said, 'Just think, India is a secular country and it is trying to become a global force, if you want to become a global power, can you remain communal in today's world?', 'If you want to make Muslim friends in the Islamic world, you cannot be anti-Muslim. If you want to be friend of Christians, then you cannot be anti-Christian. Whatever is happening nowadays, it is not in the interest of this country." He advocated peaceful settlement of all disputes including Ayodhya and said that no one can solve the issue through war.


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