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ANKUR DWIVEDI | Published On: Jan 13, 2018 07:46 PM IST |   208

New Delhi: Passports will now be issued with two types of color jackets. For applicants who have immigration check (ECR), passport booklets with orange jackets will be issued to them. Whereas applicants who do not need immigration check (Non-ECR), they will continue to issue a passport booklet with a blue jacket just like now.

Another important change that is going to change is that the last page of the passport will not be printed, on which the information such as father, mother, husband or wife's name, address is mentioned. This new change will also have the effect that there will be no valid documents as proof of passport address.

When asked about the question of not printing the last page of the passport, a spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs told, a three-member committee was formed which was to consider various issues related to the passport. This committee included officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Women and Child Development.

The committee had to look into such cases where the mother / child demanded the removal of information of the father's name. At the same time, the issues related to passports related to such children were to be considered by the committee, which is a single parent or adopted.

The recommendations of the Committee have been approved by the Ministry of External Affairs. The Committee had recommended that the Ministry of External Affairs should look at a possibility, so that the information of the father / legal guardian, mother, husband or wife's name and address can be removed from the passport booklet, which is now on the last page of the passport booklet.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs spokesman, the ministry has consulted with various stakeholders regarding the recommendations of the committee. Also, travel documents that can be read from the machine of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) were inspected. It was then decided that the last page of the passport will not be printed further.

On the last page of the passport booklet, there is a mention of the name of the father, mother, husband or wife, address, immigration check (ECR), old passport number, issue of issuing passports.

Now the last page of the passport will not be printed, hence the applicants for whom an immigration check will be necessary, the color of the upper jacket of their passport booklet will be orange. Those who do not require immigration checks, they will continue with a blue upper jacket passport.

Old passports will remain valid

According to the spokesperson, the Indian Security Press (ISP), Nasik has been entrusted with the responsibility of designing new passport booklets. As long as the ISP is not assigned to the ministry after finalizing the design of new passport booklets on behalf of Nashik, passports and other travel documents will continue to be printed with the last page. Passports already issued will remain valid till date of validity printed in the passport booklet.


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