New scheme for 25 lakh TB patients, Govt. will give Rs 500 for Healthy Food every month


ANKUR DWIVEDI | Published On: Jan 13, 2018 08:13 PM IST |   79

New Delhi: Modi Government has planned to provide Rs. 500 per month to patients of Tuberculosis (TB) every month so that they can buy healthy food for themselves and spend on travel for treatment. Patients will get this help till they are completely cured. According to the Aadhaar numbers and medical documents, the amount will be direct transfer in the bank account. According to an estimate, 28 lakh people suffer from TB every year in India. Out of these 17 lakh cases are found out, those who get treatment.

25 lakh patients get benefit

According to report, the senior officer of the Health Ministry said that soon 25 lakh TB patients will be given Rs. 500 each month. In the view of social support, the proposal for incorporation of all income group patients in the scheme is ready. Patients will get help from the basis and medical documents.

Under the National TB Control Program, the Health Ministry has set target for 90% TB-free by 2025. This plan is part of the same.

How is a new TB treatment policy?

- The Ministry has created a new policy on TB treatment. Under this, a fix combination of medicines has been prepared for patients. There will be 3-4 medicines in the same tablet, which will be eaten daily.

- Children suffering from TB will not have to take a dose of bitter medicines. Flavored tablets have also been prepared for them. It will dissolve easily when you put it in the mouth.

How does TB cure now?

- Tell you that under the 1997 TB Control Program, patients only have to eat three or four tablets 3 times per week. Their dosage is determined by seeing the weight of the patient. Children also have to take these bitter medicines.

- But now the combination of new drug will be similar to all the adults. Take a pill daily instead of the heavy dose daily, will reduce the number of drug registrations and serious complications inside the patient.

How much is the figure decreased in a year?

According to the Health Ministry statistics, in 2015, 217 people in the country's 100 core population were in the grip of TB, while this figure reduced to 211 in 2016 due to policies of govt.

What does the WHO report say?

- According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, 28 lakh people suffer from TB every year in India. Out of these 17 lakh cases are found out, those who get treatment.

- In 2010, WHO had talked of giving medicines to patients in their plans for the prevention of TB in 2010.


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