Aadhaar Data will be more secure, plan of virtual ID instead of 12 digits


ANKUR DWIVEDI | Published On: Jan 10, 2018 06:14 PM IST |   58

New Delhi: Between the reports of leakage of Aadhaar data, the government has been preparing to make a strong arrangement for its security. Under this, UIDAI will give an opportunity to create a virtual ID of every Aadhaar card. With this, whenever you need to give your Aadhaar details anywhere, you have to give the virtual ID of 16 digit instead of the 12 digit Aadhaar number. According to UIDAI, this facility of generating virtual IDs will be compulsory from June 1.

Feature will come from March 1

UIDAI has said that this facility will come from one March. However, it will be mandatory from June 1. This means that since June 1, it will be mandatory for all the agencies to make arrangements to implement this. After this, no agency can deny accepting virtual ID.

Will not be able access to the Aadhaar data

According to UIDAI, this will be a limited KYC. Agencies concerned also will not have access to the Aadhaar details. These agencies will also be able to handle all the work on the basis of virtual ID only. Under the system of UIDAI, the virtual ID (VID), the user will be able to generate this virtual ID as many times as he want. This ID will be valid only for some time.

Along with this, UIDAI will also provide this facility that you can generate your own virtual ID. In this way you can choose a number of your choice and hand it over to the agency. This will not only protect your Aadhaar data, but you can easily remember this ID as well as your mobile number.

Limited KYC

After the arrangement of virtual ID, every agency will be able to do the work of verification of the Verification easily and in a paperless manner. The best part is that they will not be able to reach your base number, but they will be able to complete all the work related to it.

Agencies will be divided into two categories

UIDAI will divide all the agencies into two categories. There will be a local and second global category. Of these, only global agencies will have access to EKIVC with Aadhaar number. On the other hand, local agencies will get limited KYC facility.

Token will be released

It is being told that UIDAI will issue a token for every Aadhaar number. Thanks to this token, the agencies will be able to verify the base details. This token number will be different for each base number. This token will be given to local agencies.

Steps for Aadhaar security

This step was taken after the incident from the base authority, in which the information related to the Aadhaar card was revealed to be stolen. The English newspaper, The Tribune, conducted a detection, in which such things have been exposed. According to the Tribune, he bought this service from a Whatsapp Group for only Rs 500 and got access to around 100 crore Aadhar cards.


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