Pradhan Slams BJD For False Propaganda On Pro-Poor Schemes

Bhubaneswar: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday hit out at Naveen Patnaik government for misleading the Odisha voters by orchetrating a false campaign that BJP government once elected will stop social security programme like Rs one-a-kg rice scheme.

BJD is resorting to unethical practice by misleading people that all pro-poor schemes will be suspended in the event that BJP comes to power in the centre and the State. Voters have already made up their minds to caste their franchise in favour of Narendra Modi’s party in both the Lok Sabha assembly polls. Such false campaign will have no bearing on voters’ minds as they have been assures by Prime Minister Modi that Odisha is a focus area of development for BJP, he said.

As BJD is facing defeat in the twin polls. That’s why, it has set in motion all conceivable propaganda to influence and intimidate the voters, he said.

BJP, if voted to power in the state, will provide 5 kg of rice, half a kg of pulse and half a kg of salt at Re 1 to the poor people, he maintained.