Priyanka Chopra customised her wedding kalira and it is a tribute to her love story with Nick Jonas

From Priyanka’s ode to her mother-in-law by embroidering a thread from her wedding dress in hers to Nick’s adding ‘My Jaan’ on the lapel of his tuxedo, it was the little details that made up this couple’s wedding so beautiful.

Now a new detail was just revealed by Priyanka’s stylist, Ami Patel, about her wedding Kaliras and it will make your heart go all warm and fuzzy.

According to Ami, Priyanka got her Kaliras customised for her wedding with sweet symbols depicting her love story with Nick. The Kaliras also had the NP logo which was also a major theme in their wedding celebrations.

In an Instagram post she said, “The Kalira story: For the first time ever Kaliras that were customised to tell a love story and planned with such amazing details by @mrinalinichandra.”

She further added, “From a Symbol from Greece where Nick proposed to her to Cupid, to a cross and the Trishul from both their religions. To an engraved silhouette of both of them to Mr. Chip Potts – The couple’s favourite character from the beauty and the beast each kalira was a symbol of their love for each other.”

How adorable is this! These two keep on giving us goals each and every time.

For her wedding, Priyanka and Nick both wore outfits designed by Sabysachi Mukherjee.

Priyanka’s kaliras were customised by Mrinalini Chandra. It was for the first time ever that a bride customised her kalira.